Changing the mindset

Our minds and socioeconomic systems are historically wired to manage and overcome scarcity. Exponential technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of everything, 3D printing and digital biology, are moving our world from an age of scarcity to a new and unknown era of abundance.​

in abundance

As we enter this new era, we have the opportunity to change the earth for the better by providing enough food, water, and energy for everyone, and above all, by bringing peace to the world. What if we won’t need to worry anymore for the basic needs that sustain humanity?

in abundance

For decades we have been living in the busiest cities ever created. We must change our mindset to leverage the exponential technologies that will let us breakdown old and new barriers to transform our cities into inclusive, sustainable and safe spaces for humankind.

in abundance

Technology is not only guiding us and extending our existence, but also it is improving the way we live and co-exist. Using technology to expand human capacity will change the way we live, help us understand ourselves better and ideally bring more harmony to the communities in which we live.